Title Sequence for the Emmy Award Winning Documentary
Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
  • Role:
    Designer / Creative Director
    Project Description:
    HBOs Documentary "Manhunt", directed by Greg Barker tells the story of the two decade hunt
    for Osama Bin Laden, who had been on the CIA's radar since the early 1990s.

    Design/Concept Description:
    Showing the titles from the perspective of the analysts. A detailed, personal, handcrafted and
    obsessive look so to reflect the intimacy the CIA agents felt to their tasks, tackling the mountain of
    information where we gradually see the different threads all linking together. For this, an analytical 
    approach needed to be taken: studying heavily beforehand and taking detailed notes, which then
    were used for the handwritten elements in the title and throughout the many graphic scenes in
    the doc, adding a handcrafted feel. They were scribbles, notes added on top of the printed word.
    It was almost a scrapbook like approach. So that if you pause the titles and read any bit of text, 
    ALL of it is relevant and deliberately factually correct.

    HBO Documentary Films
    Produced by The Mill+
    Graphical Segment
    Below are a selection of work in progress videos, showing the journey the project took
    Below are a breakdown of the final design frames
    Frames from the graphical segments in the film
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    Detailed list of credits
     • Agency: HBO Documentary Films
     • Producer: Executive Producer: Sheila Nevins
     • Production Company: A Passion Pictures & Motto Pictures Production
     • Director: Greg Barker
     • Producer: Senior Producer: Nancy Abraham, John Battsek, Julie Goldman, Greg Barker
     • Based on the book by Peter Bergen
     • Editing Company: The Mill LA
     • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill LA
     • Executive Producer: Stephen Venning, Mill+
     • VFX Producer: Adam Reeb, Lusia Boryczko
     • Creative Director: Design / Creative Director: Manija Emran
     • Animation: Justin Sucara, Andrew Marks, Victor Duncan
     • Jr. Animator: Kyle Moore
     • Production Coordinator: Krissy Estrada