Snow White & The Huntsman Typography
Custom typeface design for the Universal Film
  • Role: 
    Typeface Designer
    Project Description: 
    "Snow White and the Huntsman", a film directed by Rupert Sanders, tells the story of a contemporary battle between good and evil in this beloved tale. Brief: Design a custom font for the Main On End Titles.
    Design/Concept Description: 
    Drawing from elements within the film, swords, branches and shields, medieval iconography, a custom typeface was developed that echoed the character of the Evil Queen (Ravenna). This font  feminine, with a had a hard edge, was named after the Queen, "Ravenna" which reflects her multifaceted character and her intriguing steady ways. It was developed with several options per letterform, allowing for each name to have its own personality, without being too stylized.
    Roth Films and Universal Pictures 
    Created at The Mill+
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    Detailed list of credits
     • Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
     • Executive Producer: Stephen Venning
     • VFX Producer: Lee Buckley
     • Creative Director: Henry Hobson & Andrew Proctor
     • Colourist: Greg Reese
     • Typeface Designer: Manija Emran
     • Lead 3D/2D Compositing: Eugene Gauran
     • Additional Compositing: Ed Laag
     • 2D Type Animation & Finishing: Justin Sucara
     • Editors: Carsten Becker and Stuart Robertson
     • 3D Particles: Yorie Kumalasari
     • 3D Modelling and Dynamics: Ed Quirk
     • Color Producer: LaRue Anderson
     • Music: Florence + The Machine