Oscars 2014
Design and Creative Direction for the 86th Academy Awards
Creative Direction, Graphic Design
  • Role: 
    Creative Director / Designer
    Project Description: 
    Brief: Developing the Graphics for the prestigious Oscars Broadcast show, some of the screens and the custom nomination packages as well as the In Memoriam sequence.
    Design/Concept Description: 
    The Academy's theme was 'Heroes'. And so for the Broadcast Show, the essence of "heroes" was captured by using the beam of light as the visual icon. The beam works in three ways: it acts as the projector beam, it acts as the heroic superhero theme, alongside the idea of a performer stepping out on a grand stage. Those three areas allow the look to fit in with the Oscars: both the ceremony and the hero. Additionally, it ties to the idea of cinema through the use of a projector. The beam coupled with the glass oscars (used to echo the stage design) gave the broadcast show an iconic look.
    Every poster nomination package, every sequence for the top nine categories was designed with a stand out, customized poster look. So whichever film you are looking at in Best Picture, Original Song, or Production Design, the poster had been specifically designed to echo the concept and the background to tell the viewers a story of what goes into each of those elements. 
    The In Memoriam sequence is an emotional journey with a pace and rhythm that carries us from one memory to the next. Ink was chosen as the medium, allowing for a delicate look and for fluent and organic transitions.
    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences
    Created at The Mill+
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    Detailed list of credits
     • Agency: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences
     • Producer: Michael Seligman
     • Design & Animation Studio: Mill+
     • Executive Producer: Stephen Venning
     • Senior Producer: Elizabeth Newman
     • Producer: Jesse Looney
     • Production Coordinator: Jacqueline Sand
     • Creative Directors: Henry Hobson, Manija Emran
     • Lead Animator: Justin Sucara
     • Lead Designer: Helen Hsu
     • Designers & Animators: Ahmet Ahmet, Amy Graham, Andrew Proctor, Clare Carrellas Greg Park, Hyejung Bae, Ken  Pelletier, Kyle Moore, Victor Duncan
     • Editors: Gabe Diaz, Luke Kraman