Robin Hood
Title Sequence
Intricate hand produced typography and design for the title sequence for Robin Hood
  • Role: 
    Typographic Design 
    Project Description: 
    Developing the type for the title sequence, Locators and Legends that evoke key characteristics of the movie (the adventure, romance, promise and mystery). Brief: Developing custom typography to echo Gianluigi Tocafondos's illustrations.
    Design/Concept Description: 
    Each credit for the Main On End Titles was printed out, then hand inked each name, added amazingly intricate custom flourishes to each letter, not just a full alphabet, but also every single character had its own custom flourish, to produce a truly unique type treatment. Comped name cards were printed out onto non-porous paper then smudged and distorted by hand each name a dozen times, to produce a living hold and hand made transitions. This custom typeface was very loosely based on Bembo, a couple of characters from mason, then customized throughout with diamonds in the o's extending the r etc, in particular a custom ligature for every combination of letter involving an r. the typeface on screen was hand painted, then flourishes were added by hand.
    Created at Prologue